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A magical, professional CV & interview coaching service.

We help you to achieve and support your career ambition.

Do you require support from a Professional CV Writer or Interview Coach?

Show off the best version of you, provide you with a strong chance of interview selection or career build.
  • Competitively priced CV Packages for every career level.

  • We use a magical method to draw out your personal qualities, qualities some people may not realise they have.

  • Make every word count.

  • Pack a punch of magic in your CV.

  • Beat the basics of ATS software testing.

  • Ensure the process is a thought provoking experience.

  • Personally written, no outsourced writers.

  • Support with interview preparation.

CV Writer Service, professional CV Writing Service, magic.


"The acclaimed genius Albert Einstein, his definition of insanity was, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

If your CV is not getting results, try something different, a magical vision.

A professional CV Writing Service located in Ashford, Kent.
Local Professional CV Writer

Magical CV's

This service is not a template CV . It is a unique chance to redesign your CV, building on the information you have.

Templates can lead you into the trap of, you only know what you know, and therefore nothing changes.

With over 30 years of experience, recruiting, CV selection, interviewing, and candidate assessments.

We know what businesses are looking for on a CV, what to include and areas to avoid.

Regardless of your career history or education, we will find the qualities you have to include on your CV.

We find the best qualities in everyone at every level of their career.

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ATS Testing

Large recruitment websites and businesses may not use a human interface to review a CV submitted.

It is imperative your CV passes the basic ATS pressure testing. If you are not passing through to interview selection, failing ATS could be one reason.

Evidence suggests, it will take an average of 7 seconds to decide whether to process a CV to the next phase.

For Magic 3 & 4, when complete, your CV will be put through a 20 point pressure test using advanced ATS CV writer testing software.

Free CV Review


Convert From The Armed Forces

We offer a service for people converting from a career in the UK Military to a civilian business work life.

We have experience in creating a CV to help your transition into business.

CV Magic has worked with a number of individuals from the UK Armed Forces who were looking for a career change.

Working with your service career history, Magic will turn that service into business language and create a magical CV that is attractive to businesses.

Free CV Advice and Support


Young Adults or School Leaver

We can help you with your first step on the career ladder. We will work together to build your first standout CV. We will take the information you have and complete your first CV for you.

Regardless of your qualification level or experience, we can create a magical CV that may push doors open for you.

If you are a parent trying to support a young adult into work, we can help with a first CV. You will be surprised at the qualities we can find in every individual.

The whole experience of engaging a young person looking for work can help set their frame of mind and build confidence.

A Professional CV Writing Service Located in Ashford Kent



Working to the customers communication preference, email, phone, Teams, FaceTime or meeting personally and locally, when able to do so.

Choose your CV package

  • Magic 1 - Less than 3 years career history.

  • Magic 2 - With 3 to 9 years career history.

  • Magic 3 - With 10 years or more career history.

  • Magic 4 - Military transition and conversion CV.

  • Cover Letter -For those with a great CV and requiring a covering letter.

  • Various interview support packages.

Purchase your CV package

  1. Safe, online payment.

  2. Secure checkout system.

  3. Debit cards.

  4. Apple Pay.

  5. Google Pay.

  6. Pay Pal, can be made via email exchange.

Magic contact

Magic will make contact with you via email and begin the initial contact as soon as payment is received.

Understand your timescales?

The type of position you are chasing?

Understand what you have so far to work with.

Our CV work begins together

  1. Assess what you have so far.

  2. ATS test your current CV, if you have one (Magic 3 & 4).

  3. Professional CV redesign.

  4. 1st draft - review with you.

  5. Possibly the most important part of the process, review and tweak.

  6. 2nd draft - review & agree you are satisfied with the work.

  7. Proofreading.

  8. Final CV, PDF & Word format emailed to you.

ATS software Test your CV

ATS Test your CV for Magic 3 & 4 packages.

When your final CV is agreed with you, it is tested using advanced ATS testing software.

The test covers 20 tests, those are the same tests used by large websites and businesses during the selection process.

You will see your score and the change we have made together.

You are ready to start your CV applications

Time to launch, a new you on to the market.

Flood the market with the new version of you.

Good luck with your new and professional CV.

Market a new you !