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CV Writing Service on Twitter

Follow Magic CV Writing Service on Twitter, we business tweet now and again.

Plenty of tweets to look through, tips and general CV feedback.

CV writing on linkedIn

You can check out Magic CV Service on LinkedIn.

This presence is more for business LinkedIn contacts and key business links.

Great for contacts and social media connections.

CV Writing on Instagram

Follow the Instagram links to check out Magic CV Writing Service. 

Our experience is,, this platform is for the younger clients who make contact via this media..

CV Writer on Google Business Pages

CV Magic is located on Google Business Pages, follow the link to find out more.

Google Business Page has CV customer reviews and the business locational setup to demonstrate business credibility.

Magic CV writing on facebook

You can find the Magic CV Writing Service on Facebook, just follow the link to find out more.

You can find articles of interest and read through CV customer reviews.

Professional Resume Writing Service

How CV Writing Magic Works

A magical, reliable and professional CV Writing Service

CV Writer Service - Contacts and Social Media

ChoOse your Magic Product
  • Magic 1 - Less than 3 years career history.

  • Magic 2 - With 3 to 10 years career history.

  • Magic 3 - With over 10 years career history.

  • Magic 4 - Military transition and conversion CV.

  • Magic Check-up

  • Cover Letter -For those with a great CV and requiring a covering letter.

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  2. Secure checkout system.

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  6. Pay Pal, can be made via email exchange.

Magic will make email contact with you

Magic will make contact with you via email and begin the initial contact as soon as payment is received.

Understand your timescales?

The type of position you are chasing?

Understand what you have so far to work with.

Our work begins together
  1. Review what you have so far.

  2. ATS test your current CV, if you have one.

  3. CV redesign

  4. Creative wording.

  5. 1st draft - review

  6. 2nd draft - review & agree you are satisfied with the work.

  7. Proofreading.

  8. Final CV-PDF & Word format.

ATS software Test your CV

ATS Test your CV

When your final CV is agreed with you, it is tested using advanced ATS testing software.

The test covers 20 tests, those are the same tests used by large websites and businesses during the selection process.

You will see your score and the change we have made together.

You are ready to start your CV applications

Time to launch, a new you on to the market.

Flood the market with the new version of you.

Good luck with your new and magical CV.


A Few Useful Recruitment Links

A few links below, Magic have found these sites useful in the past when looking or helping people with job searching and career advice.

  • Jobsite - CV and Recruitment Site
  • Monster Job Site
  • Indeed CV Website and Recruitment
  • Zoek CV and Recruitment
  • Government Job Help Page
  • Total Jobs Help With Finding Work
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